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Seven miles west of Portland, Beaverton has the best when it comes to being close to a big city without the stress.

Welcome to Beaverton

Home of sportswear giant Nike, Beaverton has innovation and hardwork in it’s design. Beaverton has a history of being ranked as one of the best places to live, not just in Oregon but– in the nation. Thanks to some big changes in the 90’s Beaverton went from small town to a bustling suburb. The MAX light rail acts as a direct line of transit connecting Beaverton to Portland providing any commuter the chance to skip traffic and save money. Surrounded by scenic views of the Chehalem Mountains, the West Hills, the Northern Coastal Range and the Tualatin River, Beaverton’s suburban lifestyle is encircled by beauty. 

If outdoor recreation is something you value, the nature surrounding Beaverton’s neighborhoods provides something for any outdoorsman. Miles of trails twine and twist through quiet parks and forest groves. Beaverton even has sixty miles of trails between schools, parks, neighborhoods, shops and recreation centers meaning you can commute through town in nature. 

Downtown Beaverton is easier to find nowadays due to the massive expansion of shops, dealerships and restaurants. One quick trip and all of your errands will be completed thanks to the outlets and mini malls of downtown Beaverton. Some of the biggest recreation centers in Oregon call Beaverton home. The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Center serves Beaverton’s community with over 90 park sites, including 70 miles of trails, eight swim centers, six recreational centers and 1,500 acres of natural forest. The recreational centers include tennis courts, a sports complex and much more. The town of Beaverton is made up of surrounding neighborhoods acting as villages. Some are named directionally from the downtown area such as West, North, and South Beaverton, while others have a more historical significance like Aloha and Highland to name a few. The public school district in Beaverton (BSD) includes Westview, Aloha, Beaverton, Southridge, Sunset and Mountainside high schools. The notorious private school Jesuit is also located within Beaverton limits. Beaverton has the best of being a big city suburb with natural surrounding.